Trip to Rosefield Mills!

Written by BLP

February 10, 2022

Our young people in Dumfries have been learning about Rosefield Mills, and today we got to take a trip there ourselves!

Rosefield Mills first opened in Dumfries in 1885 and was the largest tweed mill in Dumfries. Since Tweed production ceased in the 1930s the mill building has been adapted for other uses, but the site has become derelict over the years. Our young people have been learning about Rosefield as part of our accredited environment-course, supported by The Holywood Trust, as part of the built environment unit. The built environment unit includes looking at a local disused building and thinking about how it could be redeveloped.

We were delighted to be joined on our trip by Luke Moloney, who is Chair of Dumfries Historic Buildings Trust (DHBT). DHBT finalised the purchase of the riverfront building in 2018 and the trust now aims to restore and vitalise the building.

We very much enjoyed meeting with Luke to find out the history of the building and DHBT’s plans for the future! Our trip inspired the young people to see the potential of the building and we look forward to dreaming up our own plans for a revitalised Rosefield in the workroom.

There was much discussion amongst the young people on what they would like to see the building become, with much focus being given to the possibility of a bowling alley!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Luke for taking the time to meet with us today, and we hope to invite him to see our own finished project of what Rosefield Mills could be.

We will be dreaming of Gondolas in Dumfries tonight!

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