Reece Gets New Equipment for his Kickstart!

Written by BLP

March 14, 2022

The Holywood Trust has given our Kickstart, Reece McCall, a grant for new equipment for his role as Social Media Assistant in Stranraer.

The Holywood Trust has always been a great supporter of BLP, The Holywood Trust is a non-profit organisation based in Dumfries and aims to supply young people with financial-based individual grants to help them reach their full potential. Reece has been given a grant of £1000 for equipment to use for his work creating social media content.

About his new equipment Reece says:

With the Holywood trust funding, I managed to be awarded an individual grant to get myself a new powerful work laptop, a keyboard for easier typing, a microphone and a tripod combo for my camera. I got these items as they will allow me to be more productive in my workplace and will allow me to work not only more comfortably but also work more efficiently.

Regarding how this equipment will help him develop his work and skills Reece added:

“This is going to improve my working capabilities by allowing me to do more video editing whilst in my workplace, and the microphone and tripod will allow me to record videos with a little more stability to them. And I am hoping that all these items I received via my grant will continue to help me within my future work endeavours.

Thank you, Holywood Trust!”

We would like to say a huge thank you to The Holywood Trust for their support of Reece during his exciting Kickstart placement with us!

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