Meet the Latest Additions to #TeamStranraer

Written by BLP

March 24, 2022

We have new finned friends in the workroom in Stranraer!

Last week we welcomed Jennie and Debbie, two goldfish, to be looked after primarily by two of our young people. Caitlin and Katie are currently completing an ASDAN course in Animal Care which involves demonstrating care for animals, animal investigations and safety around animals.

Caitlin and Katie researched their new pets and got their tank ready for the new fish’s arrival. While Caitlin and Katie will be in charge of Debbie and Jennie’s well being all our young people are very excited by their arrival and there have already been many offers to help find and care for them.

We are sure our fishy friends will be very well looked after and we can’t wait to bring you future updates on their lives!

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