Giving a Green Helping Hand to the Community

Two young people filling a raised bed with soil

Written by BLP

June 24, 2022

Our Castle Douglas young people have been volunteering at the local community garden with the Castle Douglas Development Forum, planting potatoes to grow over the summer.

This has so far been a wonderful opportunity for the young people to learn about gardening and farming, as well as a chance to develop their practical skills and help the community. And we were very lucky to have warm and sunny days as we worked in the fresh outdoors. Two out of three raised beds so far have been filled with soil and planted with seeds.

“It was really fun,” said Sean, one of our young people who has been volunteering, “I really had fun digging the dirt. I can’t wait to go again and do more!”

We’ve had a great time and the young people are looking forward to continuing their volunteering, completing the raised beds, and seeing their potatoes grow!

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