Second Week of the Summer Scheme in Castle Douglas

Written by BLP

July 20, 2022

The Castle Douglas team continued their Summer Scheme with their second week, this time with crafts and crypts!


On Tuesday, we got into creating some Tie-Dye shirts!

Tie-Dyeing is a process of producing patterns in a piece of cloth or clothing by tying parts of it to shield it from the spreading dye. The results are often colourful swirling motions, fading in and out. The young people had a go at making their own Tie-Dye shirts.

It was a lot of fun playing with colours and finding out what role ice plays in creating such a shirt! We’re very proud of how our shirts turned out.

Mostly Ghostly Crichton Crypt Tours!

On Wednesday, the Castle Douglas team took a trip into Dumfries to the Crichton for Mostly Ghostly Tours!

It was great listening to the history of the area and exploring the fascinating Undercroft and Crypts of the Crichton.

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