Second Week of the Summer Scheme in Stranraer

Written by BLP

July 26, 2022

#TeamStranraer proceeded into the second week of their Summer Scheme!

Treasure Hunt!
Starting on Tuesday with an in-town treasure hunt to get everybody’s minds working! finding ATM’s, certain stores, products and other items; something woolly, prices of coffees at the local shops, and even something stripey! Lots of variety for our day in the town! We all worked together to successfully complete our sheets!

After we came back from our treasure hunt, we had our second session with Stranraer’s Drum For Fun where our young people worked together to create a beat on some African drums, a great end to a day of our summer scheme!

Loch Lomond!
On Wednesday our staff and young people took a trip over to Loch Lomond where we got taught about the importance of climate change, explored the grounds with some fun activities and got some lovely views from the hills overlooking the Loch!

During one of our activities, we were all given a small badge with an image and some facts on it, some of your young people got animals and insects, and some got plants and trees, our task was to find a connection between each of our given badges, everybody especially enjoyed that part as we all worked together!
Special thanks to the staff at the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park for making us feel welcome and for guiding us through the day!

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