Our Board

Meet Our Board

Why Do We Have A Board?

The B2E project is overseen by a  Board of Trustees.

The Board was developed with great care and diligence to equip the organisation with the range of experience,  knowledge and skills required to oversee and rigorously manage all of its work, but with an emphasis on the employability strands in particular.   The Board meets monthly.  One member of the Board of Trustees has a specific remit to Line Manage the service on a day to day basis. A Project Co-ordinator is employed to manage and oversee all aspects of the work of the organisation and to deliver the strategic plan determined by the Board.  This person has experience of education, coaching, employability and ASD.

On a day to day basis the B2E programme delivery is supervised and delivered by the Employability Team Officer together with 3 Employability Support Workers.

Meet Our Board: